WJZ’s School at the Zoo

Join us for a day of fun and learning at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore! This event is called WJZ's School at the Zoo and will take place on a Wednesday in May from 9am until 3pm.

There will be 5 classes at 3 locations, including the Lion area, the penguin area, and the elephant area. The topics for each class are TBD, but will include science, weather, climate change, and more. Each class will be hosted by a WJZ Meteorologist or News Anchor, and we hope to have around 30 students in each class.

The Zoo will notify schools ahead of time, and WJZ's Creative Services department will record all of these classes. News can be there to stream live in our 9am show and again at noon.

WJZ's creative services department will turn all of this content into a 30 minute streaming special that will air within a week or two of the event.

There will also be sponsorship opportunities for our Sales department to sell.

Don't miss out on this exciting event at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore!

Visit the Maryland Zoo's website for more information
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