Where do I go? What time do I need to be there?

When you volunteer for a promo shoot, you will be contacted by our producer Jeanie Starr (jstarr@wjz.com). She will give you times and directions and will answer any additional questions.

Do I have to talk on camera?

Only if you want to! You may participate in a casual conversation with one of WJZ’s on-air personalities. It’s not a news interview. You’ll be doing something fun, pleasant, interesting! See examples here. No need to memorize lines or rehearse, we just want to record you and your co-star having a good time!

You’re shooting a promo at my store. Can you get a shot of my sign?

There’s no doubt that your business will get exposure from being in a WJZ promo, but we can’t promise to feature your business’ sign or logo. We shoot a lot of footage, and we can’t know ahead of time what will make the cut.

Can my kids be in it?

Of course! But we’ll need you to be present to supervise. We may ask you to sign a consent form.

What should I wear?

We advise anyone appearing on camera to wear bright, solid colors. Avoid patterns, and avoid wearing all white or all black, as it can wash you out. Stick to rich, warm colors like blue to help you pop!

Avoid clothes with writing, logos, and symbols. Avoid any messages that could be seen as controversial. And please dress modestly. If your clothes are cut too short, your TV appearance will be cut short too.

Remember to be yourself! We may be  indoors, outdoors, in warm weather, cold weather, playing sports, on a walk, etc. Dress how you would normally dress for the occasion.

Soar into Adventure with a WJZ Promo!
Soar into Adventure with a WJZ Promo!