M&T Bank Purple Segments 092621

:05 second ID 09/26/21 7:00AM
PreGame Open 09/26/21 11:30AM
PreGame Fan Chat 09/26/21 11:40AM
PreGame Rejoin 09/26/21 11:55AM
PostGame Fan Chat 09/26/21 4:29PM
Post Game Fan Chat Snipe 09/26/21 4:30PM
Post Game Bottom Line 09/26/21 4:55PM
Connection Open 09/26/21 5:08PM
Connection Rejoin 09/26/21 5:18PM
Connection Fan Chat Snipe 09/26/21 5:21PM
Connection “You’re Watching” with tag 09/26/21 5:48PM
Playbook Open 09/25/21 11:30PM
Playbook “You’re Watching” with tag and spot 09/25/21 11:41PM
Playbook Rejoin 09/25/21 12:00Midnight
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