Commercial FAQ’s

I am sending you my logo. What format do you need it in?

Send all of your logos, video, and audio to For formats and specifications, click here.

How long does a shoot take?

It depends on the script, but we ask that you set aside approximately two hours for our visit. This provides ample time for set up, shooting, and take down.

Do I have to be on camera?

Only if you want to! We offer professional male and female voiceover talent to speak your words for you.

Do I have to memorize any lines?

Nope. Creative Services uses a teleprompter to keep you on point.

What should I wear?

We advise anyone appearing on camera to wear bright, solid colors. Avoid patterns. Avoid wearing all white or all black, as it can wash you out. Stick to rich, warm colors like blue to help you pop! Avoid clothes with other brand’s logos and/or messages.

If you are shooting in the studio, DON’T wear any green! Your clothes will disappear on the green screen, leaving nothing but a floating head!

At WJZ, we’ll nurse you back to Creative Health!


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